• Closed Group Course

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    Closed Group Course

    This course is a tailor made programme for a group of people with the same objectives and levels (students, colleagues, friends, families, etc.).

    Objectives The objective of a stay abroad in Málaga is that the students practice their Spanish in school as well as in the street with native speakers. Often, it is observable that students never have practiced the language outside the school where they received Spanish classes. But now it’s time to discover that you are really able to understand and, of course, speak Spanish. It can also be very helpful for future studies in the home country. This Closed Group Course includes the Spanish course and the accommodation as well as lots of activities like trips, sightseeing, sports activities and partys.

    Target group This course is a perfect possibility for all different kinds of groups to learn Spanish. So either you visit our language school as group of students from a business school or something similar to it. But it is also very likely to come with a couple of friends or even neighbours if you plan a longer stay abroad in Spain and therefore you like to be prepared for everyday life. Always, the groups set themselves their own goals. In addition to that our students can suggest topics they consider interesting and they want to talk about.

    Description Start dates: every week

    Duration: –

    No. of lessons: –

    Levels: from total beginners to advanced

    Max. in class: –