• Cultural visits

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    ENCABEZADO Malagamaj21052008 006 DSC_0141_04 8948949 VIsita cultural Actividades_malaga_7 Verano 2007 010 malaga mamdag 084 Actividades_malaga_6 Actividades_malaga_4 Actividades_malaga_3 Actividades_malaga_2 Actividades_malaga_1

    The Spanish school for foreigners Debla offers every week guided tours to the main monuments, museums and organizes other cultural activities to emphasize the importance of the cultural heritage of Málaga. During these visits, the guide will provide complete and practical information about the different places and about the city of Málaga. In addition to this, each Monday, our new students will have the opportunity to take part in a guided tour through the historic city centre of Málaga. Every week you will have the chance to participate in some of the following visits: The Picasso Museum, the Arabian castle Gibralfaro, the “Málaga Wine Museum”, the Center for Contemporary Art, the Cathedral, the Thyssen Museum, the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions, the bullring, the Arabian castle Alcazaba,  temporary exhibitions and many more.