• Dance lessons

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    Dance lessons In addition to the Spanish courses the school Debla offers dance lessons. In this way our students can learn how to dance the folk dance “Sevillana”. This dance is danced by Andalusians during celebrations. The “Sevillana” is a kind of Flamenco, but you dance it in a more festive way. A teacher of our school will give the lessons in groups between 6 and 8 students, although it can be more. If you are more interested in the Latin-American culture and would like to dance Salsa, don’t worry. Debla has teachers who are specialised in Latin-American dances and they will give you lessons in groups, which will make your stay a very funny and enjoyable experience. The prices for both courses vary, depending on the number of courses you want to take. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.