• El personal de Debla

    Kirsten Steensbjerre Director

    “My name is Kirsten and I am the founder of Debla.  I really enjoy my work which has almost become a way of life. Aside from working, I enjoy music, traveling, walking, the countryside etc.”

    Miguel Ochoa Assistant Director

    “My name is Miguel Ochoa and I am from Málaga. I have been working at Debla for so many years now that it has become second nature to me, one that I enjoy every day. In my free time I like sports, traveling and music.”

    Amaya Sanz Director of Studies

    “My name is Amaya and I am the director of studies. After  more than 13 years here, Debla feels like family. I never tire of learning.”

    José Mata Ruiz Teacher

    “Originally from Marbella but “malagueño” since 1995. I enjoy playing and listening to music as well as a good book. Teaching in Debla since 2008 and looking forward to many more years ahead!!”

    Antonio José López Teacher

    “Native of Montilla (Córdoba)  and adopted malagueño since 2009. I enjoy good music, good food  and the countryside. The best thing about working in Debla is working with friends and together we form a family.”

    Juan Antonio del Moral Teacher

    “My name is Juan Antonio but everyone calls me Juan. I am teaching Spanish at Debla since 2009. I enjoy cooking, drawing and everything to do with science fiction.”

    Natalia Fajardo Teacher

    “ I am Natalia, a very communicative teacher and I really enjoy teaching Spanish at Debla. My priority is to create a positive, dynamic and fun atmosphere in the classroom. I enjoy cinema and literature.”

    Paloma Santolaria Administrator

    My name is Paloma and I am the administrator at Debla. I am available to help you with any questions or doubts you might have before or during your stay. I am Irish but my mother is from Spain which means I can help you in both Spanish and English – whichever you prefer. I enjoy music, traveling and meeting new people…”