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    Debla has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, meaning that it meets the conditions stipulated by the Accreditation System for Centres of the Instituto Cervantes, the only existing international accreditation focused exclusively on the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. The teachers all have a university degree and have specialized on teaching Spanish to foreigners, furthermore they are all natives.

    Debla has formed a team of enthusiastic professionals with a wide range and experience in teaching foreign students who come from various countries such as USA, Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Korea China, etc.

    The whole team is in constant contact with the students and we also offer a weekly tutorial free of charge.

    Debla offers an individual analysis of the student’s necessities and possibilities in order to make progress in learning the language.

    For 37 years we have produced our own books. Each course also uses new and innovative materials and modern technologies. Our teachers encourage the students to speak Spanish from the very first day.

    Debla offers 6 levels of Spanish according to the EU guideline (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2).

    A lesson takes 50 minutes and a private lesson 60 minutes. A course has 8 students as a maximum, the average is 5 to 6 students mostly.

    In case that only 1 or 2 students apply for a special course, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of lessons.

    Even though only one student applies for a certain course, this course will take place nevertheless.