• Mixed Course

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    This course is for people who wish to join our Intensive course of 4 hours per day and have a number of private lessons in addition to this course.


    First and second hour: correction of home work and introduction of new grammar and vocabulary Third and fourth hour: consolidation of what has been learnt through reading, videos, etc. Discussion of subjects chosen by the students One-to-one: The subjects are adapted to the students’ needs.


    Start dates:

    Every week

    Duration: 2-16 weeks

    No. of lessons: 20 plus/week Levels:

    From beginners to advanced Max. in class: 8 Ave. in class: 5-6

    Price of the Mixed Course 

    Students receive a discount of 5 % on the course price and if you have heard about our courses from a former student, the university, your Spanish teacher, etc. The price depends on the number of private lessons. Please inquire.